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My favourite places

Just a list of places that I found suitable for recommending to others.

Places are sorted alphabetically.


Cadiz, Spain

A lovely city laying on a small peninsula with great history (some claim that it has been inhabited for 3000 years). Like almost anywhere in Andalusia, moorish and european influnces seem equally present.

Cinqueterre, Italy

Simply pictoresque.


Is there any other place in which you can see one continent from another?

Just take a sit on a bench south to Europa’s point in Gibraltar and with a bit of luck you may see Africa … (this has actually happened to me)


I made a movie in the Iceland, and had a great trip with my  friends.

Montreux, Switzerland

I’ve heard of it for the first time while listening to Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the water” and wanted really badly to visit it. This is absolutely beautiful place with the most elegant promenade by the lake I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen Jeff Beck live on Montreux Jazz Festival !

Mount Sniezka, Poland

Its height of 1600m ASL won’t impress any Alps lover, but it has undeniable beauty that I always enjoyed.

Ticino canton, Switzerland


Toledo, Spain

I got hooked on Toledo when I saw El Greco’s “The view of Toledo” painting, yet as a teenager. I just love it. Don’t forget to pass by Casa y Museo de El Greco if you enjoy El Greco paintings.

Gory stolowe-Bledne skaly-Skalne miasto, Poland and Czech Republic



San Francisco, USA


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