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Right hemisphere

According to some (Wiki), the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creative (artistic) thinking.

Below you’ll find things in which my right hemisphere dominated (or at least it supposed to ;-) )

My movies

Mars-2: Misja

This is my very recent movie, shot with  friends and colleagues in the Iceland, Switzerland and France. A short story on a first Polish mission to the planet Mars.


More information at

Or you can jump to the movie directly.

Avant que tu claques la porte

A movie we made (as PMP Movies) for 48h Film Project in Geneva in 2014. A short story of betrayed woman who at some moment has to take things into her hands.



TODO: put it on Vimeo


My music


Huh, I’ve never thought I’d be able to write such words as “my music”. Looking back, I’m really satisfied of what I achieved here, taking into account starting from ground zero around year 1999. And there’s really been no blood around, officer.

Out of many recordings, I’ve got particular sentiment to these:

  • A dying flower” and “Carol of the bells” played one foggy New Year’s Eve with my friend
  • Frank Zappa’s “Black Napkins” theme arranged, played and “sung” by me and my MacBook ;-) (basic understanding of Polish language is highly desired), 2008
  • An intro called “Two“, written and recorded by me in 2005 on my newly built tube amplifier (short, but I find it cool – unfortunately bad recording quality)
  •  “Classical Petrol” (as opposed to “Classical Gas”),  written by Mateusz Kmiecik, and arranged by us both (here, Mateusz plays guitar and I play piano), recorded in 2007
  • Some deeply depressing piece called “523“, though I like guitar work, recorded in 2008
  • Another experimental piece called “U” from 2006

I also composed and performed music for Kraków’s Young Poets Show called “Offensywa3: serce”, which consists of many pieces and it’s quite long, but excerpts may be published here one day. Performed and recorded in 2009.





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